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After more than 10 years of development, Gospeed has accumulated a lot of unique advantages. The company can not only provide high-quality products with competitive price. Compared with other suppliers, they have the following advantages:

1. flexible and diverse ways of payment.

2. fast delivery. The factory can provide not only the fast supply of sample, but also the fast production of small and medium order orders according to the customer’s requirements, and shorten the delivery time.

3. a variety of products, we can provide hard, aluminum plate, FPC plate, HDI, PCBA and other products.

4. certification is complete. We have UL, ISO, TS16949 certification.

5. we have a stable logistics company to cooperate with us. Ensure that the goods can be delivered to our customers’ designated places quickly and safely.

6. our technical skills are ahead of our peers. For many of the products that other PCB suppliers can’t produce, we can do it.